Welcome to The Late Show with Dave Graham, heard on radio stations all over the UK (and other worldly locations)

Announcement – The Late Show will be ending its run on December 24th – Christmas Eve will be our last show

You can email in to the late show or use the voice recorder. All messages will be held over to the next show if received after 7pm GMT. Standard message rates apply for txts sent by UK networks, other charges may apply to overseas users.

Below is the latest style demo for The Late Show – Laid back and LIVE!

The Late Show Style Demo - AUGUST 2021

by YorkSound Programming

A peek inside the late show studio, AKA The Coal Bunker.

    The player above allows you to listen to the live feed of The Late Show. Live to many radio stations in the UK. Other live shows may also use this stream.
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    Radio Syndication & The Late Show

    The Late Show with Dave Graham is currently heard on radio in the UK, USA and Isreal – and YOUR radio station could be the next to treat listeners to a perfect way to end the day . . .

    The show is broadcast each Monday to Friday 9pm to 12 Midnight UK time and plays mainly 80s music, some 90s and a smidge of disco. Monday’s show is all number one’s from the decades and Friday has a party feel to it. The show is completely LIVE and UK time checks and weather feature, plus a light look at birthdays, tittle-tattle from the day, a look behind the music and more.

    Take the news? No problem crashing vocals into our show – during the news and TOH junction 59:30 to 02:30 we play instrumental kitsch pop so your station can transition smoothly from one hour to the next . . . plus you can take as much or as little of the show as you like – no need to take every hour every day – just fit it into your schedule.

    You receive a clean 320k stereo feed and a back up 320k stereo feed (just in case).

    Although the show is a YorkSound Radio production, we don’t include our branding in the show and it is simply, Dave Graham – The Late Show.

    Interested and licensed to broadcast or stream?  Contact us using the form or email yorksoundradio@gmail.com and we will set you up straight away !

    Late Show AM AIRCHECK

    by USA Affiliate Station | Tape Delay


    To feature the show without signing up – simply program the HQ stream link into your playout or cloud DJ – the show airs LIVE Monday to Friday 9pm to 12 Midnight.



    Finally, if you do air the show – why not tell us?  We’d love to know where you are – email yorksoundradio@gmail.com

    Friday Night Party Night - Replay

    by Dave Graham | YorkSound Radio

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    The Late Show Tape Delay

    For those stations not in the UK that might want to feature The Late Show in their own time zone, we can now offer the show on “tape delay” via dropbox.

    Each hour is auto-logged and automatically uploaded to our dropbox the minute that hour has completed. Stations can then simply grab it and play as they wish.

    Contact us to sign up for The Late Show tape delay . . . .